Have you ever been lost in a foreign city, and felt totally disoriented? All signposts are scribed in a language you can’t understand, the streets wind and interlock together, causing you to lose all sense of direction. The world is moving fast around you, as locals get on with their busy days, and it dawns on you, the worst has happened… you look like a tourist. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. In your mind, the city probably looked like this, a jumbled mix of buildings, colour and confusion.


Now picture this; you stumble around a street, searching for your route home, and fall right into the glass of an office block, the height of which contains business and potential unimaginable. Stepping back, it’s just one office amongst thousands.

In this new land, the opportunities multiply as fast as the questions. Who do I talk to? Which route do I take? How do I even start? You need a way to navigate this new landscape with confidence. You need to know where to look to make the most of its opportunities. That’s where China Telecom Europe (CTE) comes in. 

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CTE is a leading provider of global connectivity and ICT solutions. Acting as a digital silk road between Europe and the China-APAC region, its multinational team enables smooth cross-regional communications. Providing connectivity solutions, cloud, IoT and more. CTE has partnered with businesses from a variety of industries including finance, manufacturing, retail and automotive, providing tailor-made solution packages.  

It’s easy to get lost if you're there on your own. So, it's a good thing CTE created a guide titled ‘Doing Business in China and APAC’ to help clients and their audience navigate their way through new markets.

cte info 1cte info 2

Punch! wanted to replicate these key challenges, and bring CTE’s guide to life by creating an interactive web experience made up of buildings, characters and geography that each represent different aspects of the guide. The key focus was cutting through the noise for the CTE target audience, and making the land of opportunities so huge and diverse that it was easy to get lost in there- reinforcing CTE’s message of being the helpful guide to navigate through.


Punch! began by breaking down the whitepaper into three districts, and building a map of how to visually represent the different areas of the virtual city. Each building and section of the district also represented a specific part of the guide, from trains being a ‘welcome’ figure introducing the land; to a racetrack with one car representing CTE’s international ethernet private lines (the solution is built around speed, and you’re the only one on it).


The team then created an outline, mapping out exactly where each building was going to sit, highlighting the different districts with different colours.

colour way 1colour way 2

Four colourways were presented. And finally, the illustration was born.


The map has been broken down into smaller parts used for social assets, cheat sheet and infographic shown previously. And, whilst the fully interactive website is still in development, here is how it is looking so far:

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“Punch! have been superb to work with, spending a great deal of time with our team here at China Telecom (Europe) to fully understand our end-to-end creative requirements. They collaborated with us to produce engaging visuals to bring our concept of a Doing Business in China-APAC guide a step closer to reality” – Thomas Campbell, Product Marketing Manager at China Telecom (Europe)

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, the attention to detail within the creative process is truly captivating, the further you zoom into the illustration the more details you uncover. I’m eager to see the interactive site go live and launch the campaign.” - Hollie Ingram, Account Manager

This was such a nice project to work on. From the start we had a clear vision of what we wanted and the way in which the different teams came together, each contributing its own skills and capabilities to bring it to life, was remarkable. It really showed our strength as a collaborative agency. We’re very proud of the results!” - Diego Arroyo, Creative Lead