Did you know there are more than 2,000 different types of jellyfish in the world? But scientists believe that there could be as many as 300,000 different species that are yet to be discovered.* 

There are some that look like this:

Jellyfish 1

And others that look like this:

Jellyfish 2

Weird and wonderful species can be found in every corner of our seas, even in the untouchable deepest and darkest depths of the ocean floor. 82% of the earth's creatures are currently unknown, so it truly is a world of unseen brilliance!


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Similarly, there is a whole ocean of dark data that has undiscovered possibilities, 80% if you want to get specific. This may sound like nothing to you, what even is dark data?

Well, it’s not your ex’s number that you have stored under a different name just in case you ever need it again.

Dark data is actually potential insights hiding in a vast amount of data that your organisation is storing but not utilising. Think of it like an iceberg; most companies are using the top 20% of their data, without processing the other 80%, which then sits, lurking below the surface.


Iron Mountain was keen to be a beacon of light on this statistic, and rescue companies from the deep dark void of data storage. They created a report that goes to great lengths about how companies can utilise data more efficiently. They even offer a data organising service, to help organisations uncover unknown potential.

So, Iron Mountain came to Punch! to help turn their report into content that would arouse their audience's curiosity. Using the report's key insights in combination with Iron Mountain’s commitment to becoming completely carbon neutral (that’s one big green foot for a data storage company), the Big Idea was born. Positioning the content around the unique and exotic species of the world felt like a natural transcend into the dark and unstructured data that organisations are yet to process and leverage.

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*Source: WorldAtlas